Second Life

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If you know me, you’d know that I’m a very cautious driver. I always try to drive within the speed limit (hence, my grandma driver status) and I usually take familiar roads but when it’s an accident, it is an accident. 

Earlier today, around 4ish after work, I was involved in an accident.


It wasn’t even on a highway, merely 2 minutes away from my work!

In any case, I had the unfortunate situation of getting stuck on a three way intersection because a school bus who was trying to make a right turn couldn’t turn because there was not enough space for him. And then, in front of me, there was another car waiting to make their left turn to my street. Among us, I have the least right of way.

And I know. 

But we’re already building traffic and nobody’s moving so I decided to make space for the school bus by slowly moving forward to my right (cant back up coz there’s also a car behind me! Terrible situation for me, I tell you!) and as I was doing so, oh so very cautiously, the black car hit me. 

Out of nowhere, he hit my hood at the driver’s side. 

The moment of impact was like a slow-mo scene. I could almost detail the burst of the air bag, how dust flew everywhere, there was white smoke and pain around my right side (the collision was on my left side). For a moment, I don’t know how long, everything just stopped. And then I felt suffocated so I went out my car really shaken. 

My brother and I already planned on meeting to do errands so I called him right away. I called my mom and dad and my coworker. Megan came to the scene and took pictures. 

She also stopped by the hospital because yes! I had to go to the emergency! I had a Tetox shot but no xray. I didn’t feel any crack or fracture anyway. I just have a few cuts, bruises and bump in the head.


Generally, I feel fine. Just sore so I had to take a few pain meds that Ray helped buy. It was really nice of him to rush to Bolingbrook after his work. In the weekend, he’s also gonna go visit again. Perks of having a boyfriend. Haha!

And although I got the worst hit out of this, of course I was the one ticketed for ‘not yielding to the stop sign’. They caught me through technicalities! Haha!
But what is a totaled car and a few hundred bucks for the hospital fee and ticket when I’m alive?

I’m alive. 

And that’s all that matters. 

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  1. Oh my gawd BFF! I hope you are doing fine

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