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So, it was just an ordinary day for the most part. It was slow, but I find things to do or learn. 

So in the middle of my shift, I decided to go to the restroom and while I was washing my hands, another co-worker from another department was there too and started talking to me. I swear to god, I’ve been in the company for over 2 years and I’ve never carried a conversation with her and here we are…

So she (IDEK her name) told me that she heard I was an artist. Happy that it was mentioned, I replied that I actually worked as a graphic artist in the Philippines before I came in the US. And she was all smiling and taking it in and then she suddenly blurted out how I draw nice animé pictures!

I was so shocked that she knew about this because again, I’ve never talked to her and only people in my department have seen my portfolio, whatnot. So I asked her how she knew and she just shrugged and told me she has her sources. Lol!

She said a few more words of praise and it really just made me happy, you know? Hearing stuff like this, especially from random people, makes me want to draw more. Haha!

Such a good day :3

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