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Would you believe it? Last Tuesday, I was involved in a car accident again!

It’s a mini one this time but it was a domino effect of some sort. Somebody hit me, I jerked in front, and hit another car.


Luckily, it wasn’t bad. If anything, I just sustained minor scratches at the back of my car and my front bumper is fine. Fortunately, I hit the tire thing at the back of the jeep and not exactly the vehicle.

But still!!!

This wouldn’t happen if the kid behind was paying attention on the road instead of getting distracted with his phone! Apparently, the phone on his lap fell and he tried to reach it and boom! A mini three car accident followed.

Seriously guys, your phone is not worth it.

So don’t use your phone while driving! Save a life.

(Anyway, I didn’t file a police report but I got the kid’s contact details. I’ll tell him to kinda touch up the paint at the back of my car that he hit. It’s the least he could do after this. Ugh.)

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