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Unbelievably, today, Ray and I actually celebrated our advance second year anniversary at Fogo de Chao. (Our actual anniversary is on the 9th)

It’s a fancy all you can eat Brazilian steakhouse. It’s my second time and the experience has always been so fun.

We also got a free dessert as part of our anniversary and it was just sooooo amazing!

Like me, I’m sure nobody expected that I’ll be able to stick in a relationship. I just can’t seem to meet somebody to match me or somebody that could make me commit because I actually enjoy solidarity.

I still like having an alone time by myself, doing some writing, drawing or reading but this time, I’m able to make it work. Haha!

Ray posted about this event on Facebook so there was a couple of embarrassing comments from some friends and families.


Oh well, at least it’s mostly good memories between the two of us.

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