Japan, wait for me!

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I thought it’ll be a relaxing day today…

But I didn’t expect that purchasing for a plane ticket and airbnb would be so stressful!

Earlier today, I spent most of my afternoon, looking for reasonably priced air ticket. I found quite a few but for four times, I was declined! Wth! I was already typing in all my information and as soon as I click ‘book’ it will tell me that they’re already sold out!

What. The. Fuck.

And this happened in three different flight hosts! Chepoair, Bank of America Travels and Hopper. This never happened to me before!!!

I was quite devastated actually… and in my desperation, I messaged Renz to ask for help. I guess I was cursed because Renz got me the most reasonable and fastest flight ever! And it didn’t even take 15 mintues!!!

The ones I was checking out had a layover of 14-22 hours (but for a relatively cheap price) and the one that he got me was a DIRECT FLIGHT to Narita airport and going back to Chicago, I only have a three hour layover with everything only amounting to 951.31$! And I’m flying with ANA!

That’s super fucking amazing!!!

So after we saw that listing, he booked me right away! There’s no use waiting because I’ve been watching this trip for a while now and it’s the most reasonable price in the market. Ugh. So lucccckkkkyyy!

So now, I’ve been checking out cheap places on airbnb. I think I should just wing it, and not to be so picky.

I already messaged a couple of hosts that have listings for less than 30$. May not be the nicest place but hey, I’m not really that sensitive. Plus, I want to save as much as possible.

Hopefully, everything goes smoothly!

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