So Sudden.

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I was gonna write something light today, supposedly, about me cooking Chinese Broccoli but gonna shift it to another gear. So last night, my cousin was calling me out of nowhere. But because it was already my bed time, I wasn’t able to pick up. I did see that he left a message so I replied that I would call him sometime today.

He beat me to it.

It’s unusual that he’ll call me two consecutive nights so even if I’m not done with my shower ritual yet, I picked up. And that’s when I learned the terrible, terrible news. That Rachel’s older brother passed away…

I was in shock!

It was so unexpected especially that John John, the brother, is still young and healthy. They’re gonna have an autopsy tomorrow but prior to this tragic news, John John had the flu and has been bothering him for weeks. His wife kept on telling him to go see a doctor but he was too stubborn.

So to limit the spread of the virus, his family decided to sleep separately for the meantime. So John John was locked in one of the bedrooms. In the morning, the wife tried to wake him up but with no reply. The wife assumed that he prolly went to bed and proceeded to doing chores like taking their kid to school and chores.

When the wife came back, John John seemed to not have left his bedroom. A bit nervous at that point, the wife got a butter knife and tried to open the door (I guess she couldn’t find the keys).

And there.

The wife saw John John already cold.

It was so sudden. Nobody expected it coming. They were even having a blast celebrating this past Christmas with everybody and merely weeks, this happened.

Sighhh… I’ll pray for him and his family that was left behind…

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