All Geared Up!

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So, I’ve been talking a lot about my Japanese trip, and I want you to know that I already took care of my plane ticket and Airbnb accommodation! I’m all set! I just need to polish my itinerary and it’s all good :3

BUT! Did you know that I also have a plan to go to NY in August?

Yeshhh! New York is another travel destination for me this year with my siblings and Ray!

I know we haven’t gotten our plane ticket yet but our Airbnb accommodation has already been set up! We just need to receive a confirmation from our host and if everything works well, we’ll be staying at this really nice place in Brooklyn!

The place that I saw is sooooo beautiful! It has two bedrooms, a functional kitchen, a nice living room and a backyard with a grill and fire pit!


We submitted our request for booking, we’ll be informed if we get the slot within 24hrs and I really hope everything is gonna go well! We already anticipated commuting and a lot of walking but we’re cool.

We haven’t purchased the plane tickets yet coz it’s still a bit expensive but we’ll get there eventually.

Eep! Another year of travels!!!

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