Otaku for lyfe!

In Everyday, Fandom, Fun, Life on January 12, 2018 by lexie-chan Tagged: , ,

I know I haven’t been talking about it lately but as you may all know, I’m actually a big animé fan!

I mean, I may not watch animé everyday nowadays but ohhhhh, during my younger years, I was notorious about it! I watched every animé being broadcasted, bought mangas/OSTs/posters/magazines/picture cards, collected rare and weird items, attended numerous conventions, joined an animé singing contest and drawing contests, whatever kind of fangirling you may think of, I did them all!

So it really excites me when I get to talk about animé.

So at work today, we were talking about One Punch Man (because I recently finished the series) and I told my friends in the lab how I only watch animé shows on Netflix and it’s not enough until Todd was like, ‘Just use my crunchyroll account. I’ll send you my details, seriously, I don’t mind.’

Omgggg! I thought my heart would explode from happiness!!!!!!!!

So later tonight, imma download the app to my ipad and enjoy myself a lot! I’ve been re-watching Reply 1994 on Netflix and reading Adultery by Paulo Coehlo so I’m pretty busy…


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