Third Time

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I swear to God, I’m just not meant for driving!

That said, I’m pretty sure you know where I’m going with with this and you’re right! I got into another car accident!!!

I try to be the safest driver out there but stupid people are just out there to get me!!! Imagine, I was quietly driving on my way to work, even singing to Anastasia’s ‘Journey To The Past’ broadway version, when I saw this car on my left swerve so suddenly and hit me!!!!!

I was pushed to the right with my steering wheel gone crazy with the impact! I firmly held on to it and tried to brake until I went over the curb and got stuck there.

And mind you, I was just driving straight on the right light lane, not even driving more than 40mph! It was traffic, the rush hour, so there’s no way one can even speed there.

And yet, here we are.

My accident was nit as bad as my first one but it was worrying too how the car who hit me lost control and swerved towards the opposite side of the road!!!! It was both two lanes (the lanes going right and going left) with a huge island in the middle! And they ended up there!!!

I couldn’t cross the road for obvious reasons so I wasn’t able to talk to them but when the police came, they got out of the car to reveal two kids in it.

Once again, some crazy teenager hit me!!!!!

There was no opportunity for both of our parties to talk but I was informed by the officer that it was their fault and I’m pretty sure they got a ticket for it.

Quite shaken, I skipped work and went home…

A little calmer, I inspected my car closely and I just want to cry because it would definitely need to get repaired at an auto shop…

A piece of my bumper was hanging by the hairline… I’m afraid that if I drive it, it will fall off completely! And then the airbag system icon won’t leave my screen even after the collision and no airbag was deployed!!!

Those are not good signs so I decided not to drive to work using my car until it’s fixed.

I considered driving my dad’s car since he’s in the Philippines but it made me even more scared than driving my car so that option was trashed (it was creaking a lot, the brake and gas pedal was weird and the door is jammed. I had to open the window to open it from the outside).

Uber was my obvious second choice but it’s like 18$ one way! I rather skip work than pay that much! It’s like 40$ a day! And I won’t get my free rental car until Saturday because that’s when we’re gonna take my car.


So I had to call my friends who could help me out. Janelle and Josh are okay but my boss also offered so imma take him on it.


And even if I decided to stay home after the accident, I couldn’t really rest coz I was on the phone the whole time, talking to claim representatives!

And oh, it so happens that all this happened a day before my birthday.


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