So done with winter.

In Everyday, Life, Rant on February 5, 2018 by lexie-chan Tagged: , , , , ,

Since yesterday, it’s been snowing continuously. Like nonstop.

Why why why why whyyyyyy!!!

And then earlier, it was snowing a bit too (they say it’ll be about 2-3 inches). It was during the middle of the day so by the time I left work at 330pm, the road was still pretty much covered with snow so it’s extra harder to drive. Ughhhhh. I wish it’ll be over soon. I don’t mind if it’s cold, as long as there’s no snow!

Let winter be over already!!!

And oh, for the first time in my life, my credit score slipped below the excellent mark and this really ticked me off. Had I known opening a new credit card of the same kind from Bank of America would do this, I wouldn’t even consider it! But they didn’t let me know about decreasing the credit limit on my first travel card to balance out to my second travel card so they think I am using a big chunk of my credit limit when it’s just the usual balance. Ughhhhhh!

Lesson learned.

As soon as I get my tax refund, I’ll try and pay off my first card and hopefully, this will help me raise up my score coz right now, it’s around 744/746.


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