Moving Money Around

In Everyday, Life, Personal on February 7, 2018 by lexie-chan Tagged: , , , ,

We got paid a couple of days ago. Like everyone of you, of course imma look where my money went with all the deductions and stuff.

And while I was studying my payslip, I noticed that my health insurance rate went down.

My first reaction was panic.

I didn’t make any changes with my coverage so why the sudden drop of price? This didn’t sit well with me, since at this time and age, prices only go up, so the next day, I brought all three payslips I have from this year thus far, and planned to show this to our HR who does payroll too.

When I brought it up, she told me that there was a change in rate so my coverage is still the same but I’m paying lower now. And that should make me happy! And I am!

That said, I’m planning on prolly putting aside that saved money from my insurance towards my ROTH IRA. I mean, I pretty much cover my expenses each month with my old health insurance rate so instead of me spending that extra cash on something stupid like stuffing myself with food, why not put it towards the future, right? That’s not so bad.

Plus, by the end of the year, I’ll be done paying for my hospital bill. So I can use that money towards gym fee? Or car payment towards the principal? Who knows. But at least that’s not wasting money. Haha!

Gotta be smart about this!

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