The Good Doctor

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So, I was able to finish all my work earlier today in the lab so I left earlier than usual and made a trip to the salon to get a quick haircut.

When I finished my errand and got home, I saw that my brother brought some food! So that was awesome. I thought imma eat some microwavable food again… at least today, I get to eat fried chicken and sushi, all the while started with a new series!

Idk how my brother learned about The Good Doctor, but I’ve always known about the Korean version of it coz a friend of mine have recommended it to me. And I should know too, because it’s BoA’s ex boyfriend’s drama. Haha!

(I still have to watch this!!!)

Ermegehrd. I can’t believe I actually like it!!! My brother and I already finished two episodes. Unfortunately, he needed to go to my uncle’s place for a bit so we took a break but after his chores, we’re prolly gonna see one more episode because we just can’t get over it. Eep!

I’m such a couch potato.

(And it’ll get worst because my brother seems to want to subscribe to Hulu. My ghad. We’re so doomed.)

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