Food Trip

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Earlier today, Renz and I were trying to plan our Japan meet up.

So I guess, instead of meeting at the airport, we’ll just meet at the Tokyo train station and then start from there.

I suggested that we have an all you can eat yakiniku with wagyu meat! I think it’s one of the most expensive meat out there and I really want to have it! I tried to convince her because I’ll look like a total loser if I go there by myself… right?

Good thing he accepted my suggestion so easily :3

Tbh, most of the things imma do there is eat.


I wanna have their sushi, parfaits, ice cream, milk tea, rice cakes, tea, and everything yummy to eat! Watch me!!!

And then, I guess we’ll visit the site for Kimi no Nawa. It’s like our favorite animĂ© movie. It’s so good!!!

He’s so funny coz he asked me if I have a skirt and a white polo so we can re-enact this scene from the movie:

Haha! We’re such nerdsssss!

Unfortunately, I don’t have clothes close to the girl’s outfit so I don’t think I can dress up… but I told Renz that I’ll take a lot of his pictures as a remembrance! Haha!




It’s amazing.

When we were still in school, we always dream about going to Japan. It was like, our ultimate dream! And look at us now :3

It’s my second trip already, and I think this is his third.

Small achievements :3

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