Japan Day 3

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Idk why but I’ve been getting up so early everyday despite having an active activity the whole day…

So I just went online until it was time to prepare for my adventure for today.

Actually, I’ll be spending the day with my long time friend Klao. During my last Japan visit, I also toured the area with her!

Anyway, she just got back from her trip from the Philippines so we’ll be meeting after lunch. Since my morning is not that hectic, I decided to go to Meguroku River, just a station away from my airbnb.

I know that it’s not the full-bloom season for the Sakura anymore but still, the view was amazing!!! I pretty much walked the whole length of the river and took a lot of pictures! It’s so beautiful!!! It’s everything I imagined it to be!!! For some reason, there’s not a lot of souvenir shops there, though. Actually, I didn’t really see a lot of souvenir shops! So instead, I spent my time browsing through a lot of interesting stuff and bought snacks and a cute, tiny coca-cola can from the grocery store. Haha! I tried to stop myself from getting anything because I don’t wanna carry any stuff with me but the grocery store by my airbnb area doesn’t have a lot there so I took my chance! Haha!

After that’s done, I went to the train station and asked for info regarding how to get to Akihabara, and so many kind people helped me!!! I was really touched! There’s this lady who I asked for help because my train tocket to Akihabara was only supposed to be 240 but then the screen didn’t show that ticket price!!!! So she went all the trouble to go on her phone and search on her app how to get there. Since the first machine I was on didn’t show the price I was looking for, she took me to another ticket stall and helped me. She even showed me where to go to get to my terminal even if I took so much of her time!!! My ghad, praise to all these amazing peope! When I was in Osaka, the people aren’t so receptive to be honest. Here in Tokyo, they go out of their way to help! I guess coz a lot of them are more confident with their English so they are more confident too, when dealing with foreigners :3

Anyway, after my solo stint in Meguro River, I went to Akihabara to meet up with Klao. She’s kinda running late so I told her that I’ll just meet her at the Gundam Café.

Like most reviews, the place was overrated and I wouldn’t consider going there again unless a companion wants to. So when Klao finally arrived, we left the place right away to have some lunch, partly because we were hungry, and partly because the people working there told us that you can’t stay inside the establishment unless they buy something. NOTE: MY FRIEND HAVEN’T EVEN SEATED THERE IN OUR TABLE FOR 5 SECONDS, LITERALLY, AND THIS LADY ALREADY WANTS TO SHOO US AWAY. THE PLACE WASN’T EVEN PACKED! So no, not something I’d want to support.

So uhm, I guess Akihabara is the haven for animé fans! Honestly, if I don’t have a concert to attend, I wouldn’t hold myself back and buy a ton of stuff! Actually, I did buy a couple of animé knick knacks and some copic markers!!!! I need to update some of my colors anyway so yeah. I didn’t overdo it tho… I think…

So before we do more financial damage there, we decided to finally go to the Shounen Jump exhibit.

The ticket for the exhibit is about 2000¥ and I think it’s worth it coz the displays are really pretty and it was set up pretty awesome, too! Klao and I had fun browsing the original pages of every featured manga, studying each pages slowly. Haha! We had tons of fun! And then when we exited the area, we walked towards the souvenir shop and then we walked, and walked, and walked, until we realized we’re already at the Sky Access! How awesome!!! We took a picture of the Tokyo Tower, best known to us because it’s the setting for Magic Knight Rayearth! Haha!

By the time we ended our animé moment, we went to Shibuya to have a late dinner. We went out to the Hachiko exit so we can take a picture of Hachiko, the faithful dog. Haha!

We decided to eat ramen for dinner and the place that we went to was really good! It was very rich and tasty! We had to order via ticketing booth too and I did it myself so that’s fun. After dinner, Klao started to crave for sweets so we went to Mickey D’s before calling it a night… this is the latest I’ve been out, touring places and I’m beat! Haha!

Gonna catch some sleep now, and prepare for BoA!

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  1. Where are the photos? Lol! Sorry I haven’t been active on my blogs for sometime now but when you said you’d be writing blogs I immediately checked it! Glad you’re having a blast! xxx

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