Goodbye Japan…

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Okay. Back to reality. I’m flying home today… huhu…

Anyway, as it happens, my flight going back to Chicago is the worst, yet!

Imagine this, they want me to check in my baggage in Narita airport, right? But when I get to China, they want me to claim it at the baggage carousel! So the scenario was, I checked in my baggage in Japan, when we reached China, I had to go through the immigration, claim my bag from the baggage carousel, go back in to go to the departure area, AND THEN check in my baggage again and go to the immigration again!!!! Like, why do I have to do all those twice??? It’s so bogus! I couldn’t just finish everything peacefully, ugh.

And as if it can’t get worst, it did. Because apparently, the airlines operating our flight to Chicago would be United Airlines!!! And everybody knows their terrible track record when it comes to their service. Ughhhh… I wish I’m back with ANA…

(I didn’t even bother taking a lot of their airplane food coz it’s so pitiful compared to what ANA had to offer.)

Besides the airline, I was also grouped with noisy and inconsiderate passengers. There were these group of older people who were traveling together and they were dominating the place as if they’re the only ones in the plane. They don’t even know how to excuse themselves, they’ll just invade your space to do their business. Ughhhhhh. Glad to be rid of them.

Anyway, the highlight for me was buying a lot of Japanese snack souvenirs! They’re all so pretty!!! And I got myself my favorite chocolate, Royce! They have it here in the US too but I think the price is like 15-20 dollars so no thank you.

Welp. Nothing fun happened today. So lemme finish unpacking instead. Huhuhu… can’t believe my vacation is done…

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