Wellness exam

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I know it’s kinda hectic since I just got back from my vacation yesterday and I’m so tired and shit but I scheduled a Wellness examination today. I didn’t have any choice because my mom is running out of meds so she needs a prescription from the doctor and I don’t wanna go to the doctor by myself because I don’t wanna drive.

So I had to go.

I actually had a hard time getting up and preparing for our appointment because I’m feeling sick. I have a hoarse voice, leaking nose and a headache. Ugh.

But I was able to make it. When the doctor saw me and reviewed my labs, everything is okay but he wants me to put extra caution with my food intake because I’m already close to borderline diabetes.

Ugh. I hope I can do something about this coz I love meat and rice and that’s a no-no.

Good luck to me!

I think it’ll take a week til I get my lab result. Ghad. It was terrible coz they had a hard time finding my arm vein so they poked me three times just to get a good blood flow to fill the specimen tubes. I thought I was gonna faint. I hate needles.

Oh well, towel.

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