Day of the Seminar

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So today was the day of the seminar. It’s about dental restoration techniques and implants so the people invited were mostly doctors and their hygienist.

I’m just a lab technician but my boss wanted for me to go there (and there’s a fee too!) and learn new stuff so we met at the lab and we drove to this really nice golf club for it.

It’s a day of learning but the seminar WAS SO BORING.

I thought he’s gonna discuss lessons about the purpose of some of the restoration that we do but he only narrated his steps on how he treated his (the speaker) patients and honestly, it has nothing to do with me so I was soooo bored.

And although the food was high class, I’m kinda disappointed that we only had sandwich and salad for lunch. I was expecting rice or pasta and meat. Hahahaha!

I had a lot of tea tho. Coz that’a all I can bring at the lecture hall anyway…

But the place was amazing! You can only go to that club by invitation so wow. Couldn’t really take pictures coz I’m shy but ugh, overall, it was a nice experience :3

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