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I’ve always heard about this manga and animé from fellow otakus in the community but for some reason, I’ve never thought of reading or watching it until much, much later.

And even if I did consider watching it a few months ago, I wasn’t really hooked to it unlike most of the shoujo animé I watch. I lasted three episode and was not feeling it.

But today, I don’t have any shows to watch so in the end, I decided to go back to this animé and although I can’t say it’s my favorite, I like it now.

They have darker themes than my other shoujo animé but I’m still intrigued. There’s only 13 episodes and I’m already on episode 10 so I think imma finish it tonight.

Gotta think of my next animé after this! Maybe I should finish the second season of Free! this time. Since Ray suggested I do so anyway.

We’ll see.

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