Bird Poop

In Everyday, Life, Personal on May 12, 2018 by lexie-chan Tagged: , , , ,

I was busy answering messages yesterday so I forgot to make a post last night. Huhu. I hate myself but I really do have a story to tell!

Anyway, yesterday, was something else.

I went home a little early than usual but I got stuck in traffic because of an accident. It was terrible coz it involved a school bus (ghad, I hate school busses! The reason why I got into an accident too, tho it didn’t hit me, tho, but it was the cause of it. Ugh. A story for next time.) and a car. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to take a picture or video but a car hit the school bus from behind! And the car’s hood was so wrecked that you know that it was a strong impact! I didn’t notice any kids inside (maybe they were already transported) but hopefully, they were okay, and the driver of the car.

And of course, I had to poop too. But because of the traffic, I had to endure the great pain in my stomach and ghad, it was horrible! And all of a sudden, a bird pooped on my windshield.



But the day wasn’t all too bad coz Ray visited and treated my mom for Mother’s Day and he was such a darling and ugh. Best boyfriend ever.


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