ACEN 2018

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My ghad.

Today was just really tiring, but fun.

I woke up early so I can prepare early for ACEN. I breezed through my shower and simple make up before I wake up my brother. Today, he’s going with me too.

My brother likes to sleep in so it took forever to wake him up. But luckily, he finishes up early so we didn’t leave too late. Only, he wanted to make a stop over at White Castle for some food.

Ughhhhh. And the brother didn’t do drive through so with my Sailormoon get up, I had to go inside the store with people flooding in by the minute! Ughhhh. I thought I had the confidence to go out in my costume coz my sister saw what I was wearing and although she was shocked by it at first, she learned to appreciate it in the end.

Anyway, so I had to enter the store with my get up and that was just really so embarrassing… you don’t even know…

But good thing, as soon as we got to the place, I feel immediately that I belong. Haha! I love Animé conventions, it’s just like family… and it’s fun and everybody seems like friends be cause we just call each other by our cosplay name and we respond.

And then of course, I met up with my friends from work! Too bad me and Emily can’t hang out a lot coz Ben has a heightened anxiety around people.

But at least we met up with Todd later on with his girlfriend and his awesome friend Jake who dressed up as Jesus.

My ghad. Jake was the highlight of this year’s animé event! He’s so fun, and easygoing and people took a lot of his pictures! Hahaha!

It was tiring but fun! I really live it!

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