I snapped.

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I hate to say it out loud, but sometimes, some people just feels so entitled just coz they were born as a certain race.

So earlier at work, I happen to see Kuya Aaron so I walked up to him to chat a little while. So he asked me if I had lunch already and he was telling me he’s hungry and I was teasing him that he’s hungry when he just got to work and he was explaining how he was busy earlier so he couldn’t grab lunch and how it was a shame coz he was already at Skokie. Skokie was the place where Jollibee was so I asked him about it and we started talking about Filipono food and promos and I mentioned that my dad would prolly start working for that Filipino store again and then I told him that we should eat there sometime when both of us are available and then…

AND FUCKING THEN, Anthony started making this unintelligible sound of obvious mockery out of nowhere and it just triggered me so bad, so I faced him and told him, ‘rude’.

He’s being rude. And insulting. And he obviously just wanted attention.

And as if that’s not enough, another white male (only stating facts here) butted in. BUTTED IN, I SAY, and told me how we should speak English so everybody could understand them.


So I told him, ‘Then learn another language,’ and I walked away.

I’m just, I’m not having any of that today. And Anthony? And his gibberish words to mimic my language as if it was a joke, this was not the first time he did that. I brushed it off so many times so it’s time to let him know THAT IT’S NOT OKAY.

And if any of them thinks it’s no big deal, THEN MAYBE THEY ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM.

Jfc. They work with Masadonians who talked in their native tongue everyday and they chose to pick on me to impose stupid stuff fo their benefit? Nuh-uh. I’ll not let them think I’m a push over and will just laugh it out to patronize their ego.

And jeez, they want me to speak in English so they can understand me? Do these entitled people go to other countries and learn the language as they are campaigning to me then? Since I’m in America?



They’ll talk to you in English and expects you to respond to them in the only language they know because again, they feel so entitled and superior among everybody else. EVEN IF THEY ARE IN ANOTHER COUNTRY.


And it’s not like we’re gossiping on them. Please. They’re least of my concern. I don’t care about them to start ‘talking behind their back’. Maybe that’s how they are so they are accusing us of it.


But I’m not gonna play their game and I am so gonna make it uncomfortable for them. Anthony tried to approach me to say he was sorry and was just joking around but I brushed him off. He should feel, both of them, that what they did was offensive and hurtful. They need to know that I won’t be catering to that just coz I’m brown.


I wish I could’ve said more but I was so mad as it was already.


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