Convincing Power

In Everyday, Life on May 27, 2018 by lexie-chan Tagged: , , ,

Welp, because of the party last night, I kinda gained a couple of pounds but I’ll lose it in no time.

But prior to that, I weighed myself and I was down to 120.8lbs. It’s 8lbs down from when I first started my diet!

So I know that Keto diet is real. It works wonders. And it made me feel healthier too.

My dad is also doing it and with his combined walking exercise, he’s been losing a lot of weight too!

Now, it’s time to get my brother on the wagon. HE NEEDS IT.

He’s obviously overweight now, his eating is uncontrollable and he freakin’ smokes! Not the best lifestyle. And I’m just afraid that if he doesn’t do anything to change himself now, it’ll be too late for him.

So early in the morning, I’ve been berating him a lot to do the keto diet with us. He can’t delay it anymore. I told him how it affected me in a good way and that he should consider trying it out.

I’m almost close to convincing him but he’s just soooooooo lazy!!! But my mom wants to help him too so she offered that she’ll help prepare food for him as long as he buys his own food.

And I so hope he can finally start this! Ughhh. I don’t want him suffer in adulthood when he can prevent it early on.

Good luck!

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