She’s Leaving Too

In Everyday, Life, Personal, Rant on May 29, 2018 by lexie-chan Tagged: , , , , ,

Yesterday, I got a messaged from E telling me that she went to DDS for an interview last Friday.

They made an offer, and she’s considering it.

I know what kind of hit she’d had to endure when they changed her salary mode from hourly, to unit pay so I encouraged her to take it. She was telling me that with the change, she’s making less than when she was working for Petsmart AND THAT IS NOT OKAY.

Honestly, if they had put me in the same per-unit-based salary, I would’ve left the company in a heartbeat!

It’ll be difficult for JH who will be left behind but you know what, E needed it. And I’m sure JH understands.

And although I love my boss, the head of the company is just a freakin’ stingy man who would cut other people’s source of income if it means more for them. There’s just… no other way to explain it.


Oh well, they brought it to themselves so they’re only suffering the consequences they know that is inevitable anyway…

E accepted the offer and tomorrow, she’ll put in her two week’s notice. GOOD FOR HER.

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