Nothing’s Useless

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I got into a little debate earlier today with my coworker.

He was showing me a picture of his family during his son’s graduation and I curiously asked him if his youngest daughter have already hinted of what she wanted to be when she grows up. He said, her daughter wants to be a vet, and that any degree is okay as long as it’s not stupid.

And I told him, no degree is stupid.

And our debate started there. He was saying that some degrees are useless because they can’t find jobs after they graduate.

And I countered, asking him if taking up nursing is a stupid thing to do then, because a loooooot of nursing graduate can’t find work in that field either. I also told him that whatever degree you take, is not actually bad. It’s the society who branded some studies as a dead end for anyone taking them. Why should a student whose only desire is to learn, be the subject of this kind of mockery?

And he was sooo stuck about the notion that some degrees are just dumb (like liberal arts in his opinion). And you know what, sometimes, people are just not as lucky to find a job related to their degree but the fact that despite knowing the consequences and still pursued their passion, is it really something you call useless or stupid?

Just because they don’t understand a thing, they just slam it off as nonsense and that honestly makes me sad…

In your life, you’ll make a lot of choices that will either help you grow or slow you down. But to define a person, a career, just because of somebody’s narrow mindedness is just… ugh.


Everybody is just trying to make a living. To learn more about what they are curious or interested about.

I wish people are more understanding and kind.

3 Responses to “Nothing’s Useless”

  1. I completely agree…
    People really need to more sympathetic these days, it seems like we’ve complete destroyed that line between polite suggestion to unsolicited ‘advice’.

    • Aww, I’m glad you were able to understand my sentiments. I just thought that it was so narrow minded to label something as stupid because they are not in that position, or are not that much informed to make their own judgement on the subject. Coz really, all they see is the superficial stuff.

      Those insensitive words are sometimes the cause of somebody else’s loss of self confidence, too, and it’s sad. Like you said, they just spout unsolicited advice just to make themselves feel better. Ugh.

      • Exactly…
        I couldn’t have said it better myself
        Looking forward to reading more from you, Lexie! ❤

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