I Got Lost Again!

In Everyday, Fun, Life on June 1, 2018 by lexie-chan Tagged: , , , , ,

So for about two weeks now, I’ve been walking around our neighborhood. Not much, just enough for me to reach at least 6000 steps a day. (This is what poor people do. We’re too poor to go to the gym. Hahahahahah)

Since today is a Friday, I don’t have to stress over getting everything done on schedule or rush things.

So I told my mom that instead of just walking in my usual route, I’ll just walk to Jewel. Anyway, there’s a sale so I can do some light grocery shopping too.

So I was ready and ready to roll. My mom and I started walking and I was leading the way, confident of where we’re going AND OF COURSE. WITHOUT FAIL, I GOT US BOTH LOST.


I don’t know how I manage to do this every time! Jewel is so close to us but my lack of sense of direction is just killing me!!!

Good thing that my mom’s in her top condition so she wasn’t in pain or experiencing fatigue while we doubled the time we were supposed to walk coz of my stupidity.

Sighhhh. At least it was a good exercise and my mom was able to take pictures. Today was so beautiful out :3

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