The Miracle We Met

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I haven’t seen a new drama lately.

The Miracle We Met has always been in my radar because I love Ra Mi Ran and also because I always see news about it on Twitter.

But I didn’t have time to watch it until yesterday.


This drama is really good!!! No wonder it’s the top drama on its time slot!

I really didn’t have any idea how this drama will be. If anything, I thought it’ll be funny.

But boy, it was more than that. It was touching, heartfelt, intriguing and suspenseful at the same time! As a viewer, I have no idea how the story will unfold. Every episode is a surprise so I take it as I watch it.

I don’t usually watch drama with adult characters as the main characters most of the time but I didn’t care for that too.

My ghad. I’m losing sleep coz of this drama! And I regret none of that!

(Gonna watch an episode now!)

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