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I… I just experienced my first road kill… and I still feel so terrible about it…

So I was driving to work like usual. Not even driving more than 5 miles over the speed limit when this poor birdie decided to land in the middle of the road so suddenly in such an awkward timing where I couldn’t avoid or slow down my car anymore.

In that few seconds, I prayed that it’ll stay still and just wait for me to pass by since it’s small and could go under my car but the worst happened and the poor, poor birdie decided to fly away last minute but the timing, like I said, was so crunched that it didn’t have time to get away, and as it flew, I bumped the poor birdie instead… I heard the freakin’ impact and saw how the poor birdie got toss off… my ghad… it was a terrible sight…

And as if that was not enough, while I was driving home, there was a freakin’ turtle… A TURTLE!!! Who was trying to cross a two lane (both sides) road!!!!!! SHISUS!!! Good thing this time, I had time and room to stir away from it so no harm done…

But boy, was it crazy!!!

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