The Incredible(s) FRIDAY’s

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We were supposed to have lunch at Mi Tierra but I found out that my 20% coupon for FRIDAY’s was gonna expire in 2 days so I told R that we should take advantage of the coupon and skip Mi Tierra for now.

And I’m so glad because FRIDAY’s is actually one of my favorite places! Their Jack Daniel sauce is just sooooo good! And they have fried sweet potato fries. I am always so satisfied whenever we go there for a meal.

R and I met earlier than usual because we’re having lunch together and catch The Incredibles 2 movie at 1pm.

Ughhh… we waited 14years for this movie and it was worth it! As to be expected, there were more adults than kids who were watching the movie. I know there were a lot of memes about it but I didn’t think that it will actually be true!

Heck, the viewers were even clapping at the beginning and at the end of the movie! Crazy right? But I was one of the people who clapped at the end. Haha!

It was a good story. Fast paced, funny and action packed. I like how the roles between Mr. and Mrs. Incredibles were switched to show that being a stay-home-mom is a difficult job just like any other office job. The family interaction was greatly portrayed as well. And ghad, do I enjoy watching Violet. Haha!

Such a good movie. I don’t mind watching it again :3

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