In Everyday, Life, Personal, Rant on June 20, 2018 by lexie-chan Tagged: , , ,

For three consecutive days, I’ve been jumping to 4-5 departments to get things going. I spend a good hour or two on each department and then answering questions or solving problems in between.

It’s no problem but when I’m handling printing full time on top of handling design QC, digital cases, surgical guide design and scanning supervision, it gets really tiring…

I’m exhausted.

I wish my co-worker goes back to work tomorrow coz this is terrible. Huhu… at least I’m busy. And I like being busy to a certain extent.

Also, somebody came in today to try out for Stain and Glaze. She’s from a dental lab too who’s looking for a change. I’m sure she’ll get hired right away buy we’ll see. I heard she’s really good so that’s a start. Haha!

We’ll see :3

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