Milwaukee Day 1

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Busy day today.

I had to wake up at 430am so I can get to work by 6am. I got there at 6ish so it’s not so bad!

I worked until 1pm. But with my little overtime from Monday to Thursday, I still accrued a little overtime for this pay period. Yay!!!

I got home at 130pm so I had to breeze in my prep because R is always on time and he’s gonna pick me up at 230pm! Ugh. But I made it so that’s good.

It took about 3hrs to get here but it’s fun :3

After arriving at the hotel, we settled down and went to meet R’s friend.

We had dinner together at this Hawaiian’s place and yogurt at Yo Mama! So awesome!

We walked around downtown Mosa but everything was closed at 830! On a Friday! So that’s so weird. But it was still fun. Haha!

Anyway, wrapping up the day now :3

3 Responses to “Milwaukee Day 1”

  1. wow you still have time to blog every day so consistently.. and hey im back for a bit :3 omg missed ya lots ate

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