Food Prep of the week

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I know I haven’t been posting my food prep of the week but it’s because the dishes I’ve been eating for the week (dinner) were not pre-cooked like the previous weeks.

With the help of my mom, she’s been cooking my meal each day, fresh.

I know that carrots are on the higher side of the carb count but I can’t eat any cruciferous veggies anymore and spinach, after two days, made my stomach queasy. I tried asparagus too but besides being expensive, I got tired of it real quick too. So in the end, I ended up with carrots.

They are sooooo yummy tho! I regret nothing!!!

So yeah. I’m still on my keto diet and going strong despite of my more frequent cheat day because I went on vacation and because of the holiday. Plus, my cravings for ice cream is soooo intense! Ugh.

Anyway, I’m not so satisfied with my breakfast food today. The bacon was too salty. Ugh. But my adobo mushroom is phenomenal!!! It’s not pictured here because it looks ugly, unfortunately. Haha!

I also prepared pork patties today to last the whole week with cheese inside. It’s my first time and I’m honestly not sure if it’s a success but whatever. At least I tried. Haha!

Welp, that’s it for me now!

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