That’s It.

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After two days of using ankle weights while walking, imma stop now… that’s it.

I like how just in two days, I seemed to have developed strength in my lower body that I can even do some leg exercises on bed! I used to really struggle!!! However, with a little research, I learned that using ankle weights will strengthen your leg muscles AND make your calves bigger.


I am a very short lady. Having big calves in my body type wouldn’t look too good on me. I’ll look… stocky. It’s hard enough to slim my legs in my current state, what more, adding this to my exercise regimen?

No no no no no…

So I have to change tactics again. I’ll still do my daily walking but now, I’ll do some leg exercises, too.

The result would take time but hey, better than nothing :3

2 Responses to “That’s It.”

  1. Weights don’t help lose weight, they build muscle; cardio and clean eating help lose weight.

    • I learned about it belatedly and it’s quite embarrassing… huhu. I was never really that knowledgeable about exercises so I didn’t know I was doing something wrong when I used the ankle weights. For some reason, common sense didn’t kick in :c

      Thanks for the quick tip tho! Helps a lot!

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