Pushing It

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I started with my walking exercise about a little over a month now. That has been my only exercise accompanying my Keto Diet. And even then, I only try and target 6k steps.

And then I tried to push it to 10k steps it’s doable! As long as I spend a couple of minutes to an hour, walking in our living room while watching TV.

And then one day, I told myself that I wanna thin my calves. So I went on youtube and searched for those leg exercises. I haven’t seen any noticeable improvement yet but hey, it’s easy so I’ll keep doing it.

And then I wanted to do more. I have a belly pouch so why not target those too? So now I’ve been doing exercises to get rid a little bit of my belly fat and I even started doing planking!

The first day, I did a 1 minute planking. On my second day, I did 1 minute and 30 seconds planking straight. And today, I did three 1 minute planking with 30 seconds of rest period in between! My ghad! I can’t believe I was even able to do it! It’s not easy, but I did anyway!

And even my walking exercise, I tried to push it a little bit more and try to target 11k steps per day. So far so good! And I’m lovin’ it! Hope I can keep it up for a long long time!

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