Good Job!

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Work is work.

It could sometimes be stressful and frustrating and tiresome, but as long as you do your job and leave all the bad jujus in the office, it’ll be all right.

And to be honest, sometimes, work can’t be all that bad. And what’s best is that if you get complimented, it will actually make you feel like soaring.

That was me today.

I was just minding my own business, doing stain and glaze ever since JH went on vacation and so suddenly, the scariest boss in the lab stood by my table, caught my attention and said, ‘Did I ever tell you, that you’re doing a good job?’


Jim is not the type of person who gives out compliments. He’s more known for scolding people to get them in line so that display of gratitude was just really… unexpected.

He wasn’t even mad when I fucked up a case! A case that was due out early tomorrow!!! Usually, he’ll be scolding somebody who would’ve done such a terrible mistake like I did! But noooooo. He was so kind and told me that shit happens. We’ll just do what we can for the day.

I don’t know what’s up with him today but damn, it saved my ass big time!

And of course, I’m having this whole event in writing so I can always go back to this moment and relish it. Hahahahahaha!

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