Same Question

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Another person asked me again why I joined The Biggest Loser in our company. She told me that I don’t really need to lose any weight anyway, unless I want to shrink my shoe size perhaps (no no no! I have such a small feet as it is that I need to shop at the kid’s section sometimes).

And I told her, I’m not doing the diet because of weight loss, at least initially. I was doing it because I’m pre-diabetic.

All of the people that asked me were not Filipino. These foreign co-workers actually thinks I’m thin! But when I’m with my family, they can’t help but point out how fat I am. Sighhhhh.

Oh well, as long as I’m happy with my body and the progress I’m getting, who cares about those negative people. Haha!

– – –

Omg, I was on Netflix, intending to watch the second episode of Supergirl season 3 but I ended up watching three movies: The Princess Diaries, Shrek, and now, Tarzan.

Ghad! I love the collection they have on Netflix!!!

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