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I love my work. It’s the type of work that let’s you learn a lot of things and allow me to be artistic in a way (I am a CAD/CAM Technician at a Dental Lab and I design a few stuff at work like simple crowns, models and surgical guides. I am also well versed with 3shape and implant set up. I do ‘painting’ too! Though the term we use is Stain and Glaze. And lastly, I print 3D models).

I also like my work in the sense that, it doesn’t really stress me out. Sure, there’s always be a bad day but it’s not the kind of bad where it blows. As soon as I leave the lab, the problem will stay there. And I always manage to solve them anyway. Unlike my last job that even after I’ve already gone home and when I’m on my day off, office problems follow me, with bosses ad colleagues messaging and calling me! So horrible! I dreaded each day I go to work!

(It’s not that my work is easy. Coz there’s no easy job, especially a job where you have to deal with doctors. I’m just really… efficient.)

And the best part is, I love my co-workers! Actually, they’re more than that. They are my friends!

And I know a lot of you will say that my job is perfect. And to a certain degree, I could almost say it so myself! Only, there’s one thing that they’re lacking.


Granted, I get a little raise every year unlike some other jobs, I think with the amount of work I do, I’m still not getting compensated enough. And my Manager agrees when I told him how much I’m making (the one who gives me a raise is the VP).

My boss doesn’t even feed us! Not even when we do an excellent job like lowering our remake percentage. Sometimes even during potluck, he doesn’t even contribute any -____-. The bosses in the other departments even treat their employees randomly and/or during their birthdays USING THEIR OWN MONEY! But my boss, the VP, can’t even buy candies.

I love him to death, don’t get me wrong, but the stinginess is beyond reasonable.

Actually, the reason why I’m talking about this is because of the fact that the other day, one of my coworker is making her rounds, to ask people celebrating their anniversary next month, what they want as an anniversary gift card. And she added that for this year, I’m still gonna be 20$. The 5 dollar increment in your anniversary gift card will be added when you hit your fifth year in the company.


My ghad. I was flabbergasted. Lol! I know I should be grateful but that seriously just came as a shock. Lol. But I guess like Father, like Son. Because my VP boss’ dad is the President of the company.

So yeah, if only they give out more incentives, it would’ve been better working there but oh well…

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