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Out of nowhere, my coworker called me and told me she got something for me.

She heard I’m an artist so when she saw this coloring set, she got it for me. And I am soooo grateful for it, really! But me and that person are not exactly close. In fact, I’m least close with her because we just don’t… jive. I am not very good with dealing with slow people when it comes to work because I am impatient and it sucks that I can’t change this ugly trait of mine ever since. So if a person still can’t understand her job after a year, it just gets frustrating.

And she’s not particularly unaware that I’m not really friends with her (and to a certain degree, I think the feeling is mutual) so her gift, to me, is burdensome. Because after her good intentions, it’s still hard for me to yield and a lot of people of I’m sure, even me, would think it’s harsh. Even after everything.

But ugh. Me and my foolish pride again! I’m very distinct about my likes and dislikes so when I don’t like something, I tend to not change my mind about it.

If only we have stayed the same, in our own respective boat, then it wouldn’t complicate my feelings. Sigh.

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