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Ever since my laptop deteriorated this year, like, it’s just very sloooooow, I haven’t been using it as much as I did before. If I need to browse anything online, I’ll just go on my ipad and search on there.

Because I can’t really use my computer, there was no way for me to do digital artworks or graphic arts and boy, I didn’t expect how much that would affect me!

I feel really rusty!!!

I think I even forgot how to use some tools! This is soooo bad! I feel incompetent not being able to get into photoshop. I am panicking inside!

At the moment, I finished an okay graphics for BoA’s 18th year anniv in August. But I need to do better than this because it’s laughable and I really don’t want to lose my touch when it comes to graphic designs even if I’m not even that good to begin with.

Pray for me.

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