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Today was such a great day! Granted, I only had 4ish hours of sleep (my sister couldn’t even sleep a wink) coz my sister and I were up all night, we still managed to enjoy the day, all thanks to R.

Me and my sister was supposed to go to Indiana to meet with her friends but because of changes with the plans, we ended up not going. So instead, we did our own plan!

So at 11:30, R picked us up to have lunch at Joy Yee. We enjoyed our food a lot! And then we went to H-Mart where R bought me my favorite milk candy and the corn silk tea that BoA advertises. Right after, we went to Topgolf and they had their first experience of golfing.

Ghad, that was sooooo fun! The first few minutes was a little awkward for us coz we don’t really have the basic knowledge of how to swing the clubs, whatnot. But after a few tries, we were really hitting goals and I was winning!!!

The first time I did this, I was bad at it and couldn’t enjoy the experience either because it was 7 degrees back then! But today, we were really rocking it! Wish we can do it again!!!!

We only spent about an hour there before we went to the outlet mall and bought ourselves a lot of stuff! My ghad, we haven’t even gone to NY and I’m already soooo broke! Oh well, towel. It’s not everyday that I buy new clothes and footwear so I’ll be content and happy. Wouldn’t do this til after two years again. Haha!

Anyway, we spent a lot of our time in the outlet mall so by the time we had dinner, it was already 8pm! We had dinner at Portillo’s and it was actually my first time going there to eat! It was a nice place and I enjoyed my food. But man, I can feel gaining a lot of weight already and my sister has only been here for 3 days! What even…

So, the day was really great overall, until I brushed my teeth, did two mouth washes and flossed because I discovered a crack on my anterior teeth, #10!!!! In the buccal area!!!! What the fuuuuucckkkk! I really feel devastated now and just doing a lot of research to see if I need treatment coz shit, I don’ wanna spend money! I didn’t use all these mouth products to protect my teeth only to have this crazed lines on my teeth! R said that it’s because I crush ice with my teeth, but then again, I don’t do it using my anterior teeth, that’s just not how it works, so I am mystified why this even occurred. I didn’t even eat anything tough today and it’s only today that I saw it. I floss everyday so if there’s something off, I’d see right away.

Sigh. What to do. Hope I don’t have to extract my tooth or do any type of restoration for my teeth coz that just sucks balls :c

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