New York Day 2

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My ghad. Another busy day. We started the day a little early (at 930am. Still early!). Our first stop is the Battery Park where we’ll take our ferry ride to the Statue of Liberty. Unlike the last time we went, we took the one hour boat ride there and didn’t stay in the island. I think it’s better coz there’s less people on the ferry tho it’s a little bit more expensive. It’s worth it tho.

When we decked, we had an awesome pizza and pasta for lunch!

After the hour boat ride and lunch, we went to Ground Zero and the 9/11 Memorial. We spent 26$ for that but both my sister and R enjoyed the exhibit. There was a lot of things to see… and read. Haha! I got really tired there.

And yet, we went to a more tiring place, the Central Park! We took the subway going there and saved us a lot of money so that’s good. The subway wasn’t even that bad to begin with.

Anyway, the Central Park seems whatever at first because we entered a bad spot. It was smelly with animal urine and it was humid. My siblings didn’t even bother exploring the place but I’m glad than R and I did coz we were able to see the nicer side of Central Park and ghad, it was worth it! So much to see and it was so relaxing because of the trees and the pond. It’s sad that my siblings weren’t able to see it tho :c

Because of so much walking, R and I decided to have dinner. At this point, we did our separate way coz my sister met up with her friends and my brother did his own thing. So me and R went to Luke’s Lobster Roll. The place was cute and small. Not so much variety in their menu and for such a small portion, they charge quite a bit actually… But R seems to enjoy his food so it’s okay. I liked it too, but it was just expensive.

We capped the day after that because of the sudden heavy rain but we arrived in our airbnb safely so that’s good.


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