Review: Twenties Girls

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I gotta say it again, I FREAKIN’ LOVE SOPHIE KINSELLA!!!

I honestly haven’t picked up any of her books and got bored with it. NEVER! I get so into it so easily…

Her books are definitely one of my guilty pleasures. Kinsella is just a very witty and funny and smart and amazing writer! I can’t even!!!

I’m sure a lot of you is gonna say that all her heroine are the same and her stories are shallow but you know what, she has this great sense of delivery where you feel the character is someone close to you instead of just a fictional character. She make you want to root for them! Ughhh!

And as to be expected, Twenties Girls, is a page turner for me. I’m losing sleep coz of that. I already read almost a quarter of the book and this is me spending my limited free time on it, okay? That speaks volume. Haha!

Anyway, gonna go back to my book!

Second Sale

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