Yes, I’m still doing it.

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I know I haven’t been posting much about my meal prep unlike before but yes, I’m still doing.

This time, everything’s simplified now and doesn’t entail fancy preparation. I haven’t done any new recipe either so I don’t see the point of posting the same food over and over again.

Anyway, since I can’t eat cruciferous veggies anymore, I’ve tried several substitutions. I tried asparagus, spinach and for a while, I was stuck with baby carrots. It’s the only veggie besides broccoli and cauliflower that satisfied me.

But last weekend, R’s mom bought a lot of grocery again. Like, they’re three small people who likes to overbuy stuff, I swear. So they always give me a lot of food to take home. Haha! This time, his mom gave me two small packs of enoki mushroom so that became my substitute for the carrots.

Ughhhh… and I love it!!!! It tastes so sooo good and it’s so easy to prepare!!! I wish I have more than two packs so next time, I’ll make sure to buy a fucking lot to last me a week. Haha!

But yeah, keto diet is still on!

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