Produce 48 Finale

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Unfortunately, I haven’t seen the last episode for this show coz there isn’t a subtitle yet but that doesn’t stop me from reading tweets about it and omggggggggg!!!

The final lineup, is perhaps the most controversial one, yeeeeeet!

I mean, I like all the girls that made it in the competition, don’t get me wrong, but it’s just that, Lee Gaeun, consistent person in the Top 12, didn’t even make it in the group???!?!??!! Same with Miho??? Like… wtf! Miho is Top 2 just last week and still, didn’t make it??? That’s bogus.

The list shifted soooo much this season. Unnaturally. It’s a surprise for everybody, as if MNET wants to play with our feelings.

I’ve said this before, but imma say it again… it feels like this team would get a lot of resentment from a lot of PD48 viewers, especially the international ones. It sucks for everybody and I’m sure they are in disbelief, even now.

I still wish for their success tho. And I’ll try to keep up with them as much as possible. But I’m still sad.

Anyway, under the cut is the Top 12 contestants for Produce 48.


  1. Jang Wonyoung – Starship Entertainment
  2. Miyawaki Sakura – HKT48
  3. Jo Yuri – Stone Music Entertainment
  4. Choi Yena – Yuehua Entertainment
  5. Ahn Yujin – Starship Entertainment
  6. Yabuko Nako – HKT48
  7. Kwon Eunbi – Woollim Entertainment
  8. Kang Hye Won – 8D Creative
  9. Honda Hitomi – AKB48
  10. Kim Chaewon – Woollim Entertainment
  11. Kim Minju – Urban Works Media
  12. Lee Chaeyeon – WM Entertainment.

4 Responses to “Produce 48 Finale”

  1. literally same. some ppl were talking abt how pledis and mnet working together so they can give their trainees (nu’est from last season and kaeun +kirin) more attention. since this time pledis was in charge of some things in the show
    it’s a mess how they made kaeun think she would debut, but making her 14? doesn’t make sense! and won young or whatever as center?? it should have been sakura or kaeun since theyve been center so many times already.

    anyways! eng sub is on!!

    • Just finished watching the whole show, finally! I mean, I like everybody who made the group. I honestly love the Top 57 trainees actually. I got really attached. But seeing that Kaeun didn’t debut as well as Cho Won was really heartbreaking… I feel so sorry for Miho too because it was like she was given false hope when she ranked Top 2 just the other week. This season’s ranking was all over the place. Nobody can predict anything. Whew. What a rollercoaster ride!

      I know a lot may boycott IZONE but I want to be part of their journey even after Produce 48 and that the rest of the girls will find their place too :3

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts with me!

      • me too ! chowon was one of my favorites! It turns out tho, that the companies do rig the voting. It makes sense when you see who made it and who didn’t. I’m going to be there for them too! they’re gonna be big 🙂

      • I hope they didn’t rig the voting but that’s the only plausible reason behind the roller coaster ranking we had this season. I wish them all the best and I can’t wait to see them again! I’m so attached with these girls :3

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