Canada, I miss you!!!

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Ever since I got here in Illinois, my family and I go to Canada every year. It’s like tradition, since it’s so close. Sometimes, we’ll go there several times a year like it’s nothing.

Until this year.

I’ve had so many missed opportunities to go to Canada because I don’t have enough vacation time or I have other plans already lined up. And it sucks coz I always enjoy going here.

Anyway, for the Labor Day weekend, I didn’t really plan anything so my mom and I were able to tag along with my relatives to visit the Canadians. It’s just our second day (technically, first coz we got here at around 2:30am and we spent Friday driving here) but we already did so much! I woke up late but I had enough time to have brunch and to prepare to go to my cousin’s farm.

Apparently, it is popular to rent a piece of land for you to farm here in Canada. So apparently, my aunt and uncle have been spending their summer there, cultivating the land. They planted corn, cherry tomatoes, bell pepper, upo, okra, pumpkin, beets, etc. it was crazy! Some of them, we were even eating at home! But I quite enjoyed the place. It was a different experience. I especially like the simple shed they did there, too. It was so relaxing and breezy.

After staying there for about an hour, we went to St. Jacob’s. It’s a market place open only during Thursdays and Saturdays. You can find a lot of farmed goods here and knick knacks. It’s always nice to explore the place and taste a lot of good food they offer. We had an old style homemade ice cream and the very popular apple fritters. My ghad! I could eat a box all by myself if I don’t stop myself from stuffing my mouth! Ughhh…

When we were done shopping, we went straight home, rest for a bit and headed to the church. I guess some of the people are planning to go fishing early tomorrow so they decided to attend church today to have a smooth Sunday morning. It’s hard to be rushing so early, anyway.

I’m actually supposed to join them fishing after I expressed how much I enjoy the activity earlier today at brunch. And that’s true. I think it’s actually relaxing and fun! I couldn’t even read my book while waiting for a fish to be baited.

But after having a very nice and awesome time at my cousin’s brand new hot tub, I think I’m going to be knocked out for the whole night. Haha! Ghad! I just wanna soak in the hot tub all day if only I can! What a good investment. Good for them!

But yeah. It’s such a fun time. Hope I get to do this more often.

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