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I’m gonna talk about the same person that frustrates me for a whole year now.

As someone who works different jobs in the lab, I kinda see ways that could improve or quicken a step to finish a production.

So, I’m doing a little bit of design now and we noticed that the bigger the file size, of course, the longer it will take to open the file.

So I went up to S and told her if she can trim the unusable part of the scans to make the file smaller. And of course, she had the audacity to claim that she’s been doing just that.

I took random pans she scanned just to check and NONE of them were trimmed. What a freakin’ liar. So I called her to my station and showed her what I wanted and the little fucker didn’t even let me finish my explanation and walked away.


And she’s so dumb too, I swear. I was asking her a simple question of how she names her file when she gets a Ziabutment case. And again, the little fucker told me ‘I don’t know’. Like, wtf betch. You’ve been scanning for more than a year. You get multiple Ziabutment cases IN A DAY, and still, you’re clueless as to how to name your files???

I did a little investigating and saw that there were SEVERAL files in our data base THE SHE FUCKIN’ SCANNED PERSONALLY, with constant file names in it for this specific case and still, she doesn’t know what the hell she’s doing???

SHE IS FUCKIN’ UNBELIEVABLE!!! Sometimes, most of the time, after talking to her about work and taking all her bullshits, I sit down, seething with frustration coz she’s just sooooo… unbelievable!!!!

Ugh, I wish she gets transferred or fired coz she’s really not getting along with anybody, anyway and I really am sooo done with her.


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