When It Fits

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It’s been my fifth month since I started my keto diet and ever since, I’ve already lost 15lbs.!!!

This is such an achievement! Never in my life have I thought I’ll lose this much weight without starving myself or even going through a rigorous exercise regime. At most, I’m just maintaining my 11k steps a day as a form of exercise and I’m even eating more food now after completing The Biggest Loser event we had at work.

Ughhh! I love it! I love how my bra can now wrap around my body without all those bulkiness trying to escape around the straps. My old jeans are suddenly wearable again and my blouses and t-shirts draping on my body better!

And… and what is this…??? Am I actually seeing a slight silhouette of my nonexistent collarbone now???

Ahh! I love it! I’ve never felt so, confident wearing clothes nowadays now that it fits!

I weighed myself today and I’m already at 113lbs. When I first came in America in 2007, I was 110lbs! Eep!!! I can’t believe I can go back to my weight 10 years ago!

So yeah, I hope I can keep it up!

2 Responses to “When It Fits”

  1. Awesome! This is very motivating.

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