Gym at the Clubhouse

In Everyday, Fun, Life, Personal on September 10, 2018 by lexie-chan Tagged: , , , ,

I finally did it. I finally completed registering at the clubhouse so I can take advantage of their facilities.

They have a pool, gym, tennis courts and basketball courts. You can also rent the place for a party. It’s a really nice, and clean place.

So, I always go to the gym with my friends before so I have people who can guide me when using the equipments. This was 10 years ago. And as you know, common sense is not common so I went to the gym and was so clueless as to how to use the equipments. Ughhhhhhh.

I left the place only after an hour. I can’t make myself look stupid in front of everybody especially that thy gym is getting packed. Sighhh.

I’ll try again tomorrow. Let’s do dis!

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