Basic Sunday

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I couldn’t sleep last night so I spent the night reading my book. I think it was already past 2:30am when I finally gave in to sleep.

So I thought I wouldn’t have enough sleep for today but I woke up at 11am. Guess my dad is skipping church after all.

So I had a slow morning and went downstairs to chat with my mom while waiting for lunch to be prepared. After it’s done, and I finished my meal, I prepared my lunch for tomorrow. The usual bacon wrapped scrambled eggs.

Since I decided to skip gym on a Friday, I need to allot a different day for workout and Sunday seems a good day for that. So I went to an empty gym for a two hour workout. I don’t do rigorous workout. In fact, I go there for their treadmills so I can get my 11k steps and then proceed with short abs, arm and chest exercises. I don’t really concentrate on one body part coz my goal is to tone my body, not to really lose a lot of weight (thanks to keto and intermittent diet) or build muscle. So yeah, I don’t have intense soreness after my gym session.

When I felt I’ve worked enough, I went home and showered coz my brother and I are still gonna go to Seocho Garden to have an all you can eat BBQ. And as I type this, I’m lying on my bed, still stuffed from dinner! Eep! But I took some allergy meds so I know imma knock out in a bit. Good night!

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