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Potluck was a success!

This time, I made the food that I brought to work. For the second time since I started because I always ask my parents to cook for me.

This time, I made a Bacon Wrapped Enoki Mushroom (and my coworker calls it Bacon Squid). It’s my first time but it seems like a hit because there was no left over from the good I brought! *pats myself on the back*

I might do it again next time. It’s so incredibly easy to make too! Haha!

Anyway, some people didn’t even bother to bring food even if they were informed about it. It just feels, unfair? And then they’ll eat the food prepared for them. I mean, we’re not so selfish to share food but it’s just that… there’s not an ounce of effort from them to participate -___-

I’m kinda embarrassed for them. Oh well, towel.

I’m just happy to post another keto related recipe here. Haha!

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