Broadway in March

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Last August, I went to NY with my siblings and R. Since you’re there, it is almost expected that you watch a Broadway show, which we did!

We watch the Aladdin Broadway! But dang, before I ended up buying this ticket, there was a momentary struggle because I wanted to watch so many Broadway shows! And a runner up for that was Anastasia.

Ever since the news about the release of this show, I’ve been keeping up with it! So I’m glad that even if I didn’t get to watch it in NY, I’ll be able to see it live in March in Chicago!

I am soooooo glad! For the past few months, there was no date for it in IL and I was afraid that we might end up going to Wisconsin just for that coz ughhhh… I really love the show!!!!

So anyway, I was talking with R and he’s down to watch it so eep!!! We’re going to watch it together!!! I already bought my tickets and I’m just so ecstatic about it!

I’m so happy!

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